The SMART Way to Grab Hyper Targeted Buyer's Traffic from YouTube for just Pennies...

Best part: You can do it all in just a few minutes even if you’re a total YouTube ads newbie!

Dear Business Owner,

Are you TIRED of having your attempts to get traffic to your offers and lead magnets frustrated by low visitor counts and "in the basement" conversion rates?

If your answer is YES, then hear me out.

Because I’m about to reveal to you the secret weapon an elite group of top-notch video marketers use in getting more traffic, sales profits!

Why Video Traffic is So Effective...

One of the big reasons to use VIDEO ads for traffic is that video is very effective at persuading and engaging viewers.

Numerous studies have shown that consumers are much more likely to take a specific action (IE. signing up to mailing lists, requesting information, making a purchase, etc) AFTER watching a closely related video.

Some reasons for this are that people automatically pay more attention to video than text, and that our human brains are programmed to prioritize things we SEE as "truth" more than things we only read.

The Most Costly
Advertising Mistake You'll Ever Make is "Shotgun" Targeting

A common mistake many businesses make with their advertising that costs them money and drastically reduces results is trying to show their ad to absolutely everyone, regardless of whether those people are interested in the topic.

Untargeted Ads perform poorly, because the people they are shown to often are not the right audience that are interested in buying.

Untargeted ads also waste your advertising money, by charging you for clicks or views that would never convert, no matter how many times they are shown to that person.​

Lower click-throughs on untargeted ads also raise the per view cost of the ads, reducing potential profits even further.

Video Placement Targeting
to Lower Ad Costs
and Boost Your Conversions

On YouTube, people aren’t just passively consuming content, they are actively looking for content.

Video Ad Placements allow you to run your ad at the start of another video that your audience is watching and interested in RIGHT NOW.

Unlike vague interest groups, or likes, Video placements provide much more accurate 'in the moment' ad targeting.

And even better, on YouTube Instream ads, ads are skip-able, so you only pay if the viewer watches 30 seconds of your video ad, or interacts with the ad.​ You never pay for uninterested viewers.

Which means that targeting your ad campaign to those people right at the moment they are looking for that information can be extremely relevant, cost very little, and CONVERT at a much higher rate.

Manual Research Takes HOURS to Unearth Even a Tiny List of Niche Targeted Videos with Ads Enabled

As you probably already know— video placement research isn’t easy—because the Adwords suggested video placements are often low quality, or don’t come with any information about how much TRAFFIC the video gets.

Which means you put your nose to the grind, ONE BY ONE manually researching video views, comments and likes to get that critical traffic data so you can choose the best places to show your ads.

And after all of that, you still have to check out each video to see if Ads are even enabled.

And you still aren’t finished—because you still have to manually configure your campaign in Adwords’ confusing and complicated interface, along with so much copying and pasting that your typing fingers ache.

It’s definitely a total waste of your precious time -- time which you can NEVER get back – and an expensive price for any hard-working business owner to pay!

Is there a better way? The answer is a resounding YES!

Hi, I’m Lisa Allen, and I'm a former ecommerce merchant and small business owner who knows what it's like to struggle with way too many things to do in a day.

So I feel your pain.​

You see, as I’ve discovered in my own business, wasting precious hours by manually doing repetitive tasks like ad targeting research can be one of the biggest mistakes you’ll make in your career — robbing you of profits, free time, and the things you enjoy doing most.

Which is why, I’ve become a HUGE fan of automating tasks like data gathering and research.

One more thing… Because I love research automation, I'm also the creator of another award winning software product called TubeViperX (YouTube ranking research software) which is being used by more than 2500 video marketers like you.

And my loyal TubeViperX customers came to me BEGGING for me to simplify what they were going through to find profitable video ad placements and keyword placements for their instream video ads.

So I listened to everything they were crying for in a “dead easy” to use YouTube ad placements research app, and then went into my workshop to create it…

Introducing: TubeViper Ads

Here’s what TubeViper Ads can do for you

  • Saves TIME by AUTOMATING time-consuming video placement research
  • Makes setting up your video ad campaigns EASY and FAST
  • Channels higher quality leads direct to you – you'll get prospects who are actually interested in what you offer – SAVING your ad budget and LOWERING AD COSTS.
  • Puts your cold, hard cash in the RIGHT PLACE at the RIGHT TIME – specifically where your target customers are watching related videos and PRIMED to BUY.

"TubeViper Ads is the result of numerous requests from loyal customers to create a tool to forever abolish the painful chore of finding effective video ad placements and creating profitable video ad campaigns"

Lisa Allen
Software Creator

Here's How It Works...

1.  Just enter your keyword in the Video Analyzer Tab and click "Search"

TubeViper Ads will fetch up to 250 keyword targeted videos per keyword with vital social data like views, comments, titles— along with which videos allow advertising, and which types of ads they accept.

2. Quickly Scan The Results and Pick Out Your Prime Video Ad Spaces...

  • Video titles – see which videos have your keyword and are closely related to your product or service
  • Video URL – immediately locate and watch the video, and see if it matches your needs
  • Ads Enabled column – know whether you can put an ad on the video or not
  • Popularity Data - Views, Comments, Likes, and Dislikes video statistics – easily see if the video is worth putting your ad on and remove those that don't make the cut.
  • Ad Network column - reveals what type of ads are allowed on that video (Eg. Overlay ads, Sidebar ads or InStream ads). — For your video ad campaign, focus on videos with InStream ads (ads that play at the very beginning of YouTube videos).

3. Delete videos which don’t meet your criteria with just one click and save your chosen videos to an ad targeting list.

You now have a set of targeted Youtube videos you can place your video ads on!

TubeViper Ads will shine a laser beam on the best video ad placements and prime ad-targeting keywords.

If you want to give yourself an unfair marketing advantage, just click below to select your plan and master the art of video ad targeting now!

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Yearly + Bonus 2nd Computer License

TubeViper Ads - Yearly

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When you invest in TubeViper Ads, you’ll be able to take advantage of YouTube’s more than 1 billion unique visitors per month.

I know you’re a go-getter and you won’t want to miss the opportunity to put your business front and center of the most responsive, targeted parts of this huge audience!

You just have to target the right audience… and TubeViper Ads will help you get your offers in right front of them.

Check Out These Time-Saving
Ad Placement Prospecting Features

Display Enabled Ad Networks For Each Video

Quickly see which YouTube videos allow InStream ads, providing you more precise ad placements. 

Not all videos with ads enabled have InStream Pre-roll video ads allowed, so this feature means you never waste your time targeting videos that only accept banner ads or sidebar ads.

The Ad Networks feature is unique to TubeViper Ads— you can’t find it
anywhere else.

Easily Filter Videos, Save to Lists,
and Organize
Your Chosen Video Placements

Convenient one-click menu lets you Filter videos, organize and archive searched videos and keywords into specific group/lists.

You profit by keeping only the most relevant results for your campaigns.

Grab Related Keywords From YouTube, Google
and Amazon Search Suggestions For Deep Ad Targeting

Expand your video search with related keywords suggestions to unearth even more hyper-targeted video ad placements.

You can even steer the keyword suggestions in a particular direction with wildcard keyword search by placing an asterisk (*) anywhere in the phrase, asking Google to fill in keywords on where the * is.

Easily Re-Use Your Research for Multiple Campaigns with Saved Videos Lists and Saved Keyword Lists

Easily find and re-use groups/lists of previously searched videos or keywords to use in your campaign.

You’ll know what particular list of videos/keywords is most responsive to your ads so you can only target lists which are bringing in your exact audience.

Video Ad Campaign Builder Wizard — a Massive Time Saver in Creating Your Ad Campaigns

Easily Create video ad campaigns and create a bulk upload files that you can use to set up your video ad inside Adwords in seconds.

Demograhics Targeting - Narrow down your targets and show your ads to a more relevant audience by selecting certain group of people based on locations, language, gender, and age.

Automatic Video De-Duplication - If you choose 2 or more placement lists of videos to be used in a campaign, the software even automatically deletes duplicate videos to maximize your allowed ad placements for campaign.

Want to See More?
Check Out the Demo Video Feature WalkThrough

The Mega-Value of TubeViper Ads & InStream Video Ads
For Your Business Marketing

Statistics gathered by show that,

72% of in-stream online video advertisements are actually WATCHED by viewers all the way through.

Additionally, TrueView InStream ads will ONLY be counted
toward your ad budget once a viewer does one of these two things:

    1. Watches your ENTIRE video ad
    2. Interacts with your video ad (clicks on the call-to-action overlays (CTAs), cards, and companion banners)

This means you’ll only pay for the views of those who are most likely to buy from you, massively SLASHING your cost per lead.

These are incredible profit maximizing opportunities for video ad marketers at only pennies per view!

You just need to zero-in on getting your video ads in front of your exact audience. And TubeViper Ads is your perfect tool to capture them.

Best Value!

Yearly + Bonus 2nd Computer License

TubeViper Ads - Yearly

Monthly - 1 Computer License

TubeViper Ads - Monthly

PLUS... The software runs locally in your computer, so we guarantee you the security and privacy of all your ad research data!

Our 100% Risk-Free Software Support Warranty

Take the software for a FULL test drive and see how many hundreds of targeted video placements you find for your ads.

If after using the software, you don’t agree that TubeViper Ads is an amazing, fast way to find hundreds of targeted video ad and keyword placement lists, just contact our support desk and cancel your subscription.

You'll pay nothing else, No further obligation*, so there is NO RISK to you!

*Subscription fees are 100% non-refundable except in the case of the software not working on your Windows or Mac computer where support has not been able to resolve the issue.​

When You Use TubeViper Ads You'll be able to Create the Perfect HIGH ROI video ad campaigns and Claim High Profits in Just Minutes

If you don't target the RIGHT videos, you’re wasting money by running your ads in the wrong places where your prime audience will never see your offers.

Skip all those grueling research hours and sleepless nights by pulling off a perfect campaign that pays you back.

Or you could keep doing it the same old manual way, and stay trapped between too high ad costs and poor ad responses from sloppy ad targeting.

But, there’s a way to end the guessing game and start getting more leads for less money immediately.

Get TubeViper Ads. It’s going to be one of the best business decisions you’ll ever make.

So click the buy buttons below to start...

  • Funneling the right customers to you – those who will seize on your offer
  • Raking in more sales while profiting from lower ad costs
  • Spending quality time with your loved ones and the things that matter

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